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Staff NameTitlePhoneEmail
Staff NameTitlePhoneEmail
Alvis, Stephanie Fourth Grade Teacher 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Amy Bigham Instructional Assistant 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Baber, Sherina Instructional Assistant 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Baldwin, Amanda Custodian 434-477-5595  
Belotte, Stephanie Math Coach 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Bennett, Cara Instructional Assistant 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Beveridge, Ruth ELL Instructor 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Beveridge, Ruth EL Teacher 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Brian Boyce Cafeteria 434-477-5595  
Bryant, Lisa Title I 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Bryant, Mary Cafeteria 434-477-5595  
Bryant, Toni Kindergarten Teacher 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Burnette, Lori Cafeteria 434-477-5595  
Carwile, Leandra Instructional Assistant 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Cash, Hope First Grade Teacher 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Chambers, Sarah Cafeteria Manager 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Crawford, Andrea Special Education Teacher 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Crawford, Paige Third Grade Teacher 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Davis, Wendy Fifth Grade Teacher 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Dawson, Julie Special Education Teacher 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Elkins, Alicia Instructional Assistant 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Engel, Brenda Second Grade Teacher 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Fancher, Emily Second Grade Teacher 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Funderburk, Crystal Literacy Coach 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Gallion, Anne Day Treatment Supervisor 434-477-5595  
Glibert, Flo Cafeteria 434-477-5595  
Goff, Tiffany First Grade Teacher 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Hadden, Aimee Third Grade Teacher 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Hall, Jamee Title I 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Hudson, Tootie Instructional Assistant 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Hunter, Keandra Fourth Grade Teacher 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Jones, Debbie Kindergarten Teacher 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Knaus, David Fifth Grade Teacher 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Koleszar, Dawn Third Grade Teacher 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Litchford, Brandie P.E. Teacher 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Malkiewicz, Ana Instructional Assistant 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Marshall, Judy Speech Therapist  434-477-5595 E-mail 
McArdle, Renee Instructional Assistant 434-477-5595 E-mail 
McFadden, Becky Custodian 434-477-5595 E-mail 
McFadden, Vicky Custodian 434-477-5595  
Miller, Yolanda Music Teacher 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Mills, Erin Title I 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Mosley, Jo-Ann Third Grade Teacher 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Mullins, Betsy Nurse 434-477-5595 mailto:Bmullins@campbell.k12.va.us 
Otey, Felephya (KoKo) Special Education Teacher 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Pennix, Dot Custodian 434-477-5595  
Peters, Amy Kindergarten Teacher 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Peters, Angie Special Education Teacher  434-477-5595 E-mail 
Porterfield, Tammy Behavior Aide 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Puckette, Wendy Counselor 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Reynolds, Lauren Fourth GradeTeacher 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Rinella, Whitney Principal 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Rosser, Jenny Librarian 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Schmidt, Jennifer Second Grade Teacher 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Schmitt, Kelly Math Coach 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Smith, Krista First Grade Teacher 434-477-5595 E-mail 
St.John, Yvonne Secretary 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Vallorani, Amy Attendance Clerk/Instructional Assistant 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Vaughn, Sherry Instructional Assistant 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Wallin, Rick ELL Instructor 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Watkins, Ann Cafeteria 434-477-5595  
Wells, Jason Assistant Principal 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Wilmer, Carrie Odyssey 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Wooten, Michelle Computer Resource & Art 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Young, Brittany Fifth Grade Teacher 434-477-5595 E-mail 
Showing 65 items